We make every attempt to provide our customers with safe and reliable transportation between the footbridge, McCarthy, and Kennecott.  This is primarily a passenger transportation system and is not intended for gear and luggage hauling.

Please note, we are a small business in a remote area with limited capacity.  During times of high demand, you may incur delays.  It is recommended that you allow for potential delays when planning your activities.

BOARDING THE SHUTTLE: The shuttle picks up across the footbridge, at our office in downtown McCarthy, or in front of the St. Elias Alpine Guides office in Kennecott.  All passengers are required to have a ticket. If you are not at a designated bus stop, we cannot guarantee boarding. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason if necessary.

  •  If a passenger chooses to depart the shuttle in McCarthy on their trip TO Kennecott, they should tell the shuttle driver and retain their ticket.
  • If a passenger chooses to depart the shuttle in McCarthy on their return FROM Kennecott, transportation to the footbridge is on a space available basis at no additional charge. We cannot guarantee this service will be available during times of high demand and reserve the right to change policies and prices at any time. 

IF IT TAKES A SEAT, IT NEEDS A TICKET:  This includes children, backpacks, strollers, coolers, etc… Actual passengers will take priority when loading. Backpacks can be placed on laps or under seats to avoid extra charges.

BICYCLES:  We are not able to transport bicycles.

PETS:  Due to increased traffic, safety, and sanitation concerns, no pets are allowed on the shuttle vans. Please make prior arrangements to take care of your pet.

GROUPS: Large parties of 8 people or more are not guaranteed a shuttle at their preferred time without prior notification.  We cannot guarantee that everyone in your group will be in the same shuttle or depart at the same time.

TRANSPORTATION TO LODGING: Please note that if you are staying at a cabin or B&B that is not located near a bus stop we are not able to take you all the way to your destination. Please contact your accommodations for other transportation options. We only stop at the Footbridge, McCarthy, and Kennecott. We are primarily a passenger transportation service and are not equipped to take luggage to your accommodations.

ICE AXES / CRAMPONS / BACKPACKS: If you have ice axes or crampons, please place these inside your pack or have them in your hands when entering the shuttle. Take backpacks off before entering as well.

SAFETY AND PASSENGER RESPONSIBILITY: Here is a link to how to provide the proper child restraint devices and secure it in the vehicle. Children under 13 years of age will not be permitted to ride in the front seat. We have a 14-passenger (not including the driver) maximum seat capacity on our vans.  Additional passengers beyond our capacity will not be permitted in the same van.

AIRPORT ARRIVALS: The airport is not one of our regular shuttle stops.  Some lodging and tour companies may provide your airport transportation.  If you are a private flyer flying into the McCarthy airport, please contact Wrangell Mountain Air on 122.9 with the estimated time that you will be ready so we can arrange a shuttle for you.

*Please see rules and regulations regarding ADA Compliance, Service Animals and Non-discrimination Policies.